How to Change iPhone Name – [Complete Information]

Hello Friends! In this article, we will learn how to change iPhone name so that your name could look classy and stylish. All the steps will be illustrated in a simple and lucid manner so that you can easily change the name and you will get all the answers to how to change iPhone name for hotspot.

How to Change iPhone Name

How to Change iPhone Name
How to Change iPhone Name

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This name will appear on your display when you open your Bluetooth and Hotspot it will be shown to all the users which you share your connection with you. If your how to change iPhone name then you have to read the whole article carefully and get the processing done in a simple manner.

How to Change iPhone Name in Device Info

People change their names so that others can identify their phone and can easily catch the name and get the connection done. Suppose in your area many phones are there with the same name then you may get confused where you will establish the connection. To avoid this kind of problem you need to get the answer of how to change iPhone name on iPhone. Be with us and read the below article to solve this problem.

Easy Steps on How to Change iPhone Name in Settings

how to change iPhone name
how to change iPhone name

Below are the steps described to solve your problem. Just follow all the steps carefully and get a catchy and stylish name for your iPhone:

  • You need to have an iPhone or an iPad to do the change of the name.
  • Go to the settings menu in iPhone which can be located the grey gear button in the home screen.
  • Open the General Settings of the phone.
  • In the General, Settings open the about section.
  • You will find an option where it is written “Name” and on the side of it is written “iPhone”.
  • This is the place where you have to change the name.
  • Tap on the Name option.
  • Tap on the cross button to remove the old name and insert a new name.
  • Enter the new name you have it in your mind with the keyboard that appears when you tap on the cross button.
  • Tap on Done when you have finished your rename process.
  • Now press on the home button to come back to the home screen.
  • Now when you will share your connection with others then you will get the name which you just changed.

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Here you learned how to change iPhone name with some easy steps to follow. Please tell your experience with this rename process. If you have any query regarding anything you can tell us in the comments section below. Your feedback is valuable to us.

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