Nexus Dragon Age Inquisition

Even though having the frostbite engine in the game Dragon Age Inquisition is hard to notorious mod,  and although the Frostbite engine, the Dragon Engine on which Dragon Age: Invasion has been created, is extremely difficult for Mod, Models have taken the method of changing some things, which has brought a new level of adaptation to the game. To add a mode to Dragon Age: All you need is DA-I mod manager and game.

Nexus Dragon Age Inquisition

Nexus Dragon Age Inquisition
Nexus Dragon Age Inquisition


Modeling Dragon Age: Inquiry is still a very experimental process. Mood saves and saves the brakes, making it impossible for you to continue playing without getting started. In addition, some mods do not play well with the expansion of the original game. For example, mods do not work at all to enter the descent DLC.


What’s my point If you are going to mod your game, please return your service in the time of the modification before the mod is added; In this way, if a mod breaks your game, you can remove it and choose the game from which you had left.

Backing Up Your Saves

Backing Up Your Saves
Backing Up Your Saves

At times you need to have the backup of the game with you and for that, you have to go with the simple steps mentioned you here which will take you directly there and steps are mentioned you here below in all the main 5 steps which you will have to follow step by step.

  1. Navigate to your BioWare folder.
  2. Open the BioWare folder
  3. Open the Dragon Age: Inquisition folder
  4. Right-click on the Save folder and select Copy from the drop-down menu
  5. Click somewhere on your desktop and either left-click and Paste or hit Ctrl+v to copy the folder and its contents to your desktop.

Modding Tools for Dragon Age Inquisition

When you play Dragon age inquisition you will have to add some of the tools for your game which will help you out with the ease of gameplay. And the only tool you need to add to the mods of the game is DA-I Mod Manager and this mode is easily downloadable from the official website Dragon Age: Inquisition Nexus

Easy Download and Install DA-I Manager:

It is an easier process to download the modes of Nexus Dragon Age Inquisition modes but you should be aware of this first. And if you are unaware of the process of how to download it and get it installed on your phone, then go with the process below.

The guide given you here is in a very easy manner and that is why it is necessary for you to follow the steps mentioned you here:

There are altogether 5 steps which will help you to install the modes

  1. Open the File Tab
  2. Click on the Download Manually and then OK Button.
  3. Locate on the Hard Drive
  4. Extract the Content
  5. Click on Merge Mod Manager window and let it do its thing

Open the File Tab

First of all, you will have to open the Game File tab in your PC by clicking onto it and once opened you will have to click on the Ok button for your DA-I Mod Manager process on the Nexus.

Click on the Download Manually and then OK Button

Now when you have opened the file you will find the option of Download Manually option present on right there which helps you to download the mod and then click on the OK button present right there. And the mod of the game starts downloading.

Locate on the Hard Drive

Now once the game mod has completed downloading, you will have to locate and save the file somewhere in your computer hard drive and you can easily locate it on the desktop and save it there for the easy go for the temporary approach.

Extract the Content

Now once you have saved it on the desktop, you will find the saved filed in the zip format which you will have to extract.

And for that what you need to do is that right click on the zip file and choose the option of extract and you file gets extracted and upgraded with the game.

The setting of DA-I Mod Manager

Now when you have successfully downloaded and installed the upgraded game mode, you will have to set it up for proper running. Here are the steps are given to you below which helps you to set the DA- I mod Manager in your PC.

  • Run the DAI tools from within its folder: so, in order to run the DA-I Mod Manager tool you will have to open the extracted files and by double-clicking on the file you will find a pop-up gets opened in front of you.
  • Next, choose the option of 64(bits) Mod Manager v1.0 option and click on the launch button present out there. And this is the part of manager which you will have to run and install for your Mods in the Game.
  • As the additional step, you can make a folder somewhere in the computer where you can save the DA-I Mode ‘file and when you need you can directly access here.
  • Now when everything is completed, you will find the Browse button present on the top of the MOD Manager window and browse it to the mod folder which you have just created.
  • And last by clicking on the browse button which you will find on the top of the mod manager there, you will be able to browse and play the Dragon Age.

So, now when you have seen the process of downloading the Nexus Dragon Age Inquisition game modes and setting it for your easy upgrades and updates let’s see some of the information which is necessary to know for your and is related to Dragon Age Inquisition which will help you with some way or the other.

What kind of modes are there?

Although the Frostbite engine has limited what can do with the game, there are many types of the mod available. You can change things as your character’s hairstyle, uneven dress, love pajamas, formal dresses, and more.

  1. Tattoos
  2. Weapons
  3. Hair Mods
  4. Armor Mods
  5. Clothing mods
  6. Companion mods
  7. Reshade Presets
  8. Complexion Mods
  9. User Interface Mods
  10. Gameplay change mods


Tattoo Mod replaces tattoos in character formation with others, which you may like more. Keep in mind that custom tattoos, like the compliance mod, crash due to the entry of the character adaptation due to Black Emporium.


Weapon Mod from everything from a simple restoration to changing statistics, availability and class restrictions

Hair Mods

Hair modes are ubiquitous. Your curious person may have everything from a small undercut style to a long flowing stream, which flows under his back. Okay, hair really cannot be flow but you get the picture. One thing to know about hair modes is that unless you use the ultra-mesh settings, they will not show in-game, and they will not appear in Black Emporium, which is free DLC Lets customize your character. Later you have already made him or her.

Armor Mods

There are not many armor modes, at least not as if they exist for Sky rim. Most armor modes remove square restrictions, that is, they make it so that a warrior is equipped with light armor and a pimple can separate the heavy armor.

Clothing mods

Models of clothes mostly change the uneven dress and formal wear of your inquisitive. Recently, Moderators were able to add some clothes to multiplayer games in single-player games

Companion mods

Partner Mods change the presence of your partner and advisors. For example, I have a mod for Dorian that changes its hairstyle, gives it a tattoo, and changes its color and the color of the armor.

Reshade Presets

The reshade preset changes the in-game with the after effects of processing. You do not use Mod Manager to install them; instead, you just drag and drop files into your game folder. Reshade mods can be taxed on your computer and if your computer can not handle them, then slow down your game.

Complexion Mods

Compliment mod adds a different face texture to your game’s curious. With super-smooth skin, that imperfectly complete attempts for all of us, your curious may have more wings and moles or can be defect-free. Like hair modes, the complexion mood causes issues with the black emporium, but instead of just showing, the composition modes cause the Black Emporium to crash when you click on the mirror. I’ll tell you later about the solution to this problem.

User Interface Mods

User Interface or UI Mod are Mods that Affect the Game Menu and Head-Up-Displays (HUD)

Gameplay change mods

Gameplay changes modes do the same meaning which means: They change something about how you play games. They run gamma by deleting the level cap to deceive those things which give you more experience per level.

The Black Emporium

As I have said you that some of the modes like Hair Mods don’t show up in the black emporium and the complexion mods make it crash and here is the step by step process where you will be able to make the step on your way.

So to replace all the hair Mods you will have to go with the vanilla hairstyle tool which also known and ‘Base Hair

So, follow the procedure step by step which are mentioned you here in all the 10 steps here:

  1. For the hairstyle you want to change your character, go to DAI Beard, air and Horn Compendium to find base hair.
  2. In Black Emporium, select that Base Hair; when you leave Black Emporium, your character will sport modeled hairstyles.
  3. Launch the DAI-Mod Manager as if you are installing a new mod
  4. Untick your colors on the left side of the window.
  5. Run mod manager
  6. Go to your Dragon Age: Locate the Inquiries Game folder and the updates folder inside.
  7. Copy the folder titled Patch Mod Manager Merge to your desktop and keep its name in such a way that you know that it is without face texture.
  8. Move that folder back to the updates folder. It should not overwrite anything because you have changed the name.
  9. Run the mod manager again and merge your modes, which also includes the structure of your face. When you want to change the look of your character, then use the patch without face texture, then switch it with the name of the first of your switch.
  10. Keep in mind the Complex number of Complex number that comes in place of your mod so that you can take it to Black Emporium. The mod page should be given the list that it changes the registration number.

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Final Words

By now when you have read all the information related to Dragon Age Inquisition and simultaneously about downloading it, installing it and also setting it for your easy go, you might have also noticed that the details also include kind of modes and how to install it to play easily that too with the step by step guide.

Hope this article satisfied you with the knowledge of Dragon age inquisition and gave you all the answer for your curiosity about dragon age inquisition if you found the article really helpful then let us know by commenting us in the comment below and if any feedback you have, it is most welcomed.

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